If you’re looking to expose yourself to a world of culture, look no further than a museum of modern art. There are tons to choose from all over the county where you can get your fix of Kahlo, Koon, and the like, but there are just a few that stand out among the rest. Dive into some of the world’s most influential art collections and their artists at these top picks below.

1. Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
Sidled against the Windy City’s Lake Michigan, this museum is one with a breathtaking view inside and outside the venue itself. Its glass windows give you just a taste of what’s indoors, and many exhibits before the ones there now have had incredible historical significance, such as Frida Kahlo’s first-ever American exhibit. The artwork inside here today starts in the post-war era and goes all the way up until today, where they continue to add in only the best contemporary pieces from our current time. If you’re ever in Chicago, this is a less-traveled gem that you will definitely want to add to your list of things to see.

2. Museum of Modern Art in New York
One of the world’s most famous modern art houses is the MoMA in New York City. It was built right before the market crashed in the era of the Great Depression, and has been a thriving beacon in the city ever since. It is home to masterpieces such as Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night and Andy Warhol’s eclectic Campbell’s Soup Cans, so you can get up close and personal and truly see them for the first time. Not only that, but it’s located just south of Central Park so you can’t miss stopping there to explore all the beautiful pieces it has to offer.

3. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
The flagship modern art museum of the west coast has been drawing new boundary lines ever since it first opened its doors in 1935. It managed to hit major milestones by hosting some of the Greats within its exhibition rooms, such as Matisse and Pollock. Sitting just west of South Beach, this museum lives among the concrete jungle but has an energy of its own emanating from the building that you just can’t ignore.